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My throat is so dry today. Sometimes it just gets this way and I have no clue why. At least it only lasts a day, maybe two if it's really bad, so it should be better tomorrow. I still feel kind of blah, though that could have something to do with the fact that I thought I was going to have no school or at most a half day and ended up having to go a full day.


And there's this really annoying guy that I talk to during classes and, while he's not annoying, he's actually kind of nice, but UGH. Today he was just obnoxious. Of course, that's probably just my stupid hormones lately. They've been wonky.

I read about seventy pages of The Portable Atheist today, which is quite a few considering how some of the earlier atheists wrote.

I also have a new favorite song, Favorite Christmas Story by Capital Lights. It's so sad, but it's just AH. Amazing.

Here's a video, though not very good. I'd recommend you all give it a try. :)

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I ended up asking my English teacher for an extension on my materialism essay. He granted my request, but also gave everyone else one more day to finish it as well. Considering I was panicking about it (my Sunday Facebook status was "Heidi is panicking panicking panicking about her essay. HELP" or something along those lines), it continually strikes me how things work out the way they do.

My dad said that "sometimes, you have to put things like this in God's hands." And right now? I can see why he says that.

I also feel as though my essay is good. It might not be the best I've ever written, and I've had much struggle in trying to get those stupid words down on paper, but while I was reading it, I found that it flowed fairly well. There are a few little things I might change (the conclusion, to me, still seems slightly abrupt), but this time, I've got to leave it in Mr. P's hands and hope he likes it.

It also seems as though Mr. P thinks I'm the weirdest girl he has ever met in his life. A few weeks ago, when I was reading Freakonomics, he glanced at me and said, "You must be the most eclectic reader I have ever met." Yesterday, when I first brought in The Portable Atheist, he read the back of the book and then said that I was "something else." In a good way.

I think I like being eclectic and "something else." 

But I also want to be normal sometimes. Just sometimes, I want people from school to ask me to do something with them.

Enough of that, though.

I am currently about fifty pages into The Portable Atheist and, believe it or not, I am actually enjoying it. Admittedly, I don't agree with much of what they're saying, but it's fascinating, seeing how atheistic thought has changed, from Lucretius all the way up to Christopher Hitchens. I wish that there was a book of Christian thought throughout the ages, from the time of the Apostles up until now.

That would certainly be interesting.

Also, since I seem to have time to actually do things today, instead of writing an essay, I'm thinking three book reviews will be coming soon. Four more to go until I reach my goal of sixty-five books! Woot!

Oh, and please read this if you're a writer. That's why I like Elizabeth Bear!
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10 Things Teens Should Know About Writing

As a teenage girl, I have to say that this advice is particularly sound. Of course, as a teenage writer, I don't like hearing my writing sucks, but I have to admit that even if it doesn't, it's still not as good as I want it to be. I have so much more to learn.

And the whole "You have to write every day" is something I've heard... oh, about a million times before, but I don't seem to be able to drill that into my head enough in order to actually do it. Because blogs don't count and schoolwork isn't really creative writing, so I doubt that counts.

I do have to wonder, though: Is being a part of a school newspaper really as geeky as Scalzi makes it out to be? Because I think I might become (gasp) an editor of the paper if my English teacher and I can get it together.

Other news:

* Reviews haven't been coming lately, even though I have two books finished. I'm thinking I'll hold out on writing them until I finish The Blind Assassin. I wish I was farther into the book than I am (I'm only two hundred pages into it), but I hope to be done with it by Saturday, in any case.

* I requested The Portable Atheist by Christopher Hitchens via interlibrary loan and it's currently in transit. Even though I am (obviously) not an atheist, I felt it was high time I read one of those books by a prominent atheist, and I decided it'd be better if I started with an anthology of readings rather than a full-blown book. As a counterpoint, I also requested To Everyone An Answer edited by... several writers/scientists, including J. P. Moreland.

I figured it'd be nice to read those two in conjunction with one another, just to compare the worldviews more than perhaps I have.

* I want to get out more, but I have no clue what I can do. Any ideas?
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I was in a bookstore today.

I didn't get anything, because the book I wanted wasn't there, but I did wander around a bit. Right before I left, I came across The Portable Atheist by Christopher Hitchens. Now, "portable" seems to imply small, right? Right.

Except apparently Christopher Hitchens (or at least his publisher) doesn't realize that.

The book was seriously huge. If I had to make a guess, it was probably twelve inches in height, maybe eight in width. That's not very portable. And it's bright yellow. With a black spot on it. That says "The Portable Atheist" on it in huge letters.

I seriously couldn't help giggling. 'Cause, seriously? Portable? When I think of portable, I think maybe a paperback, maybe the size of a romance novel, that you can slip inside your bag, not a huge book that would probably only fit in one of those huge bags celebrities carry around, the ones by Doone and Burke (bear with me if I got the name wrong; am going by memory because I don't follow fashion). But oh well. At least it gave me a good laugh.

Also, even though I didn't get anything, I ordered Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell. Thankfully, it should be here tomorrow if there's no problems with shipping, so I am very excited about that.


There are only eighteen days left until NaNo, and I still have a ton left to do. As soon as I get that book, I am probably going to start reading it and outlining like my life depends on it. I desperately need to figure out my beginning, and then my characters will hopefully start talking. Because I have the bare bones of my plot, but everything else?

Needs a lot of planning.

I will probably be doing nothing else but planning for the next couple weeks, but hopefully I'll be done by... say, the 28th, so I'll have time to just get excited about NaNo without worrying about not having enough outline to carry me through 75K.

I can't wait, though. This year is the most important year yet, and I don't want to screw it up. And I can't wait until I get to the middle of my novel because, seriously, it's awesome. :D


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