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I have a three-hour test tomorrow.

Apparently, it's for the Gifted and Talented program at the high school, and this is the first year for a while that I've gotten the opportunity to be in it. So I don't want to blow it, but I'm also a bit nervous. I mean, what is going to be on that test? How can it possibly take three hours?

Hopefully I'll get a good enough score to be able to be in the Gifted and Talented program, because the freshman English teacher is running it, and he seems really nice. I would muchly enjoy being in the program, so please pray/wish me good luck depending on what your religious and/or nonreligious views are.

And I find it odd that I'm actually excited for this test. Does anyone else find that odd?


Jun. 17th, 2008 03:12 pm
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Again, a lot has happened in the past few days, but I haven't had a chance to post. Now I have an opportunity, though, so this is the perfect time to announce something!


Sapphire Elise was born yesterday, Monday, June 16, 2008 at around 4:37 P.M. I don't know how much she weighs at the moment, but she's a bit more than seven pounds last I heard. She seems to be doing quite well, and the mother is thankfully healthy. Tired, I'm assuming, but healthy as well. I'm planning on going with my father and brother to see her tonight, so I'm really incredibly excited about that. I won't be able to post pictures of her, I don't think, but I'll definitely keep you all posted.

Personally, I can't wait to see her!

*is excited*

But I don't want to ramble on and on about my sister's baby (I'm an aunt again, yay!), so I'll move onto a few other things going on... and put it in number form again! Yay!

1. Yesterday, I went to Funtown. And went on a roller coaster. Yes, that's right. The girl that vowed never to go on Excalibur actually went on Excalibur, the biggest wooden roller coaster in Maine. At first, I was terrified at the thought of going on it, but then when I did it, it was actually very fun. The only bad parts were going up, the first steep fall, and the fact I had to lean forward in the seat in order to reach the thing to hold onto. But other than that, it was incredibly fun—it gave me a nice opportunity to scream.

Other than Excalibur, I also went on the Astrosphere (an awesome sort of light show in a dome-thing that you view when you're on a Sizzler/Egg-Scramber type thing—it's really fun!), and the tea cups. I was going to go on another ride called the Thunderbolt, but since there were two people to a seat and there were five people, I opted to sit out since I didn't want to be alone.

But it was wicked fun. I can't wait to go again!

2. In other news, I am currently reading Dreamsongs, Volume 1 by George R. R. Martin and Possession by A. S. Byatt. I also got three other books, The Delivery Man by Joe McGinniss, Jr., Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro, and Amongst Women by John McGahern, even though I'm not reading the last three. Dreamsongs and Possession are very good, though—I'm about 150 pages into Dreamsongs and 208 pages into Possession.

I do have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying Possession, whereas Dreamsongs is a bit... well, it's good, but not amazing, if you get my drift. Possession, on the other hand, is keeping me turning the pages. Everything about Roland and Maud, Randolph Henry Ash and Christabel LaMotte, is just so engrossing. I am currently reading through Ash's and LaMotte's letters, and it is just so fascinating. Even though the book is a bit difficult to get through (the language is a bit old-fashioned), it's worth it. It's a book I'd definitely recommend, and one that I am definitely going to finish reading by the end of the week at the latest.

3. I have two and a half days left on school. And it's really only a half day, because tomorrow we'll have a field day (a day where all we do is basically play games and stuff), Thursday I'll have to take a three hour test to see if I get into the Gifted and Talented group, and Friday is a half day and all we're going to do is going to an assembly. So, I don't have much more to do.

I am so excited to be out of middle school, but I'm also really nervous. I'm going into high school. I'm going to be a freshman. It seems like it was just a few days ago when I was entering sixth grade for the first time, and now I'm going to be in high school. To me, it's hard to believe, but I'm also incredibly excited. I can't wait until high school is over and I can go to Liberty University.

So... I'm really glad school is almost over. Then I can stay home all day and read and go on the computer and post on my LJ! And write, of course, but I have to get my story back from my English teacher so that I can copy it and expand on it, because I need it.

But I digress. I have nothing else to say, anyway...
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So, in response to my post title, I'll do a numbered list about some of the things I've recently been thinking about, from love to youth group to songs to school to... other things. Not very interesting, but at least it's better than flooding friend lists with book reviews, isn't it?

Let's see...

1. My break up. It's been about three weeks or more (I think) since I broke up with my boyfriend, and it's only been today that I think that I can actually be in the presence of him and the rest of that online community and not want to cry. Part of my decision was formed last night, when I was reading the logs of the chatroom and saw that... well, they were no longer having fun. They weren't while I was still there, but still. It wasn't like it was, and it bothered me. And then this morning I was listening to a few songs, and those... those inspired me to just suck it up and go back into chat. I can survive seeing them. It's not that much of a big deal, and considering I'm in chat right now, it helps a lot more than other things would (like refreshing logs every ten minutes and being miserable). So at least that aspect of my life is smoothing itself out as best as it can.

2. My youth group. And this is the one thing I might go into a bit of detail with. 

You see, on Friday, I'm going to be doing a lesson for my youth group. It's on something that I've been thinking a lot about, and something that I think a lot of people really don't know the answer to. I wasn't sure if it was actually going to be my topic, but then two weeks ago, we were sharing our testimonies and I noticed something: whenever people went up, they said all the "churchy" stuff, like "Jesus died on the cross for my sins" and "I accepted Jesus into my heart when I was [insert age here]". Now, there's nothing wrong with those answers, but whenever someone asked them something like "What have you done on your Christian walk so far?" or "Why did you decide to become a Christian?", a lot of people say "Learned about Jesus and how He died on the cross on my sins" or "Well, I became a Christian because my parents were." And I felt like a lot of them didn't know exactly why they believed what they do, and that's something people are going to have to know if they're going to remain a Christian.

So, I've decided to do a lesson on that topic: "Why should you be a Christian?", or to be more specific, "Why are you a Christian?" My dad has been helping me with it, and my lesson is gradually beginning to take shape inside my head. It's going to be sort of a Three-Step Process, something that will help teenagers live and defend their faith. They're as follows:

1. Know your faith.
2. Make it your own. (By saying that, I don't mean change what the Bible says to accomodate the world, but rather grow in Christ and enter a personal relationship with Him, instead of just "believing" in Him from a distance.)
3. Defend your faith.

I thought of those three things a few nights ago when I couldn't sleep, and I'm really extremely excited about it. I already have a bit of it jumping around in my head—all I have to do is get it down on paper, look up some verses and such to "wrap" my lesson up in, and I'm ready to go.


I am SO excited. I never thought I would be, but that just goes to show what God can work in a person when He truly wants to. :D

3. I can't think of anything else at the moment, so I'll end this post with a... well, comparison, sort of. It's related to school—not very interesting, but at least there are only eight days left—and it's about yet another presentation. Yet, with this one, I'm more nervous. With this project, I'm as nervous to present my information as I've always been, which is a change from the highly excited, charged idea of giving my lesson on youth group.

To me, it's amazing the difference. With the presentation I have to do for school, it's about dwarf planets. I've had about a month to get it all together. I have everything ready, and there are only a few minor glitches that I hope don't occur. In other words, there's absolutely nothing prohibiting me from acing this project... yet I'm nervous. And I think that's because God's not the one putting those words in my head. He's not moving me to talk about Christ with the people around me by talking about dwarf planets... or at least it doesn't appear he is, like he is clearly laying his hand on my youth group lesson.

So, I guess it's surprising to me that there are two different Pre-Presentation Heidis swirling around in my head—the nervous one that doesn't want to get up there and present things about dwarf planets and the excited, eager Heidi ready to get up there and present something quite personal to my youth group. 

It just goes to show that God is laying a hand on my life right now and, with everything going on, it's exactly what I need. With things like this, I'm continually amazed by God's love for me—he even cares about a stupid lesson for my youth group. Like Hebrews 13:5 says, "He hath said: 'I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.'" And it's amazing that this is the time he shows that to me, because it's exactly what I need.

But anyway. Stopping this right here before I go off on a tangent, these three things are only a few things that have impacted me in the past weeks. There are many more, but if I bring up all of them, this post will become long enough to merit a cut (if it hasn't already), so I'll stop right now.

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I just realized something.

My sister's baby, Sapphire, is due June 5. I fell in love (or at least met the person I was going to fall in love with) on June 7 of last year. Other than my other sister, everyone in my family has been late when it comes to having the baby, so odds are is that my sister will be late as well.

So... how suitable would it be for her to have her baby on June 7? I would find that incredibly awesome—it would just lend even more significance to that day. :)

*hopes that will happen, since it will muchly brighten up the so-far miserable month*

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...and I have a question in relation to this statement:

"All truth is relative."

If that is so, then doesn't that by definition make that above statement relative and, as such, only true to some people but not to all?


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