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It feels strange to say this, but:

There are now three authors on my "Do Not Read Ever" list. These three authors are Will Shetterly, Kathryn Cramer, and Elizabeth Bear. This is not because I hate their writing (on the contrary, I loved Bear's All the Windwracked Stars), but because of their absolutely deplorable role in RaceFail'09. (If you don't already know what this is, I wouldn't recommend learning about it unless you feel you must, because it is nasty.)

For the past two months, certain people in the sf world have been showing their white privilege in a heinous way, and it has really opened my eyes to my own white privilege. It has been a learning experience for me, even though I know it shouldn't be; the pain of POCs over the world should never be the main reason someone opens their eyes.

I feel I have a moral obligation to learn more about racism, and I want to learn too. I do not feel as though I am entitled to ask POC for anything, and so I am learning on my own. I have started reading a book about race (Race: How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel About the American Obsession by Studs Terkel) and am going to try and read more books by POC, thanks to [ profile] 50books_poc.

I am ashamed about the fact that I can just walk away from this issue whenever I please. It's just not right, I think, so I am making a point of going back through some of the posts I missed and reading and thinking and educating myself.

I don't think I will ever join into the actual discussion, but I will write about this in my own LJ, as my thoughts and feelings grow.
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I'm capable of writing every day, I am. My life isn't that boring, honest.

It's just that I've gotten caught up in this whole culture appropriation debate that is going on, and I have suddenly grown so determined to learn as much as I can about what's going on that I have been reading everything possible about racism/culture appropriation/white privilege, and am very much looking forward to getting through all the posts over at [ profile] ibarw.

I am learning so much too. Now that I think about it, and I mean really think about it, I see the inherent... lack, I guess you could say, of credible, nice, intelligent, passionate POC in books and TV. Off the top of my head, I can only think of three POC off the top of my head that are presented positively in books and movies, but one is a minor character.

The three characters are Foreman from House (who, incidentally, presented me with the first instance of an interracial relationship I've seen on TV), Lee Jordan from Harry Potter (who is black, I think, but I haven't read those books for so long that I can't even remember, which is so sad), and Stephen Black from Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, the book I am reading right now.

And all three of these characters are black.

I can't think of any Asian characters presented positively. Or Chinese characters. Or Japanese characters. Or any other race other than black or white. I'm interested in seeing if anyone else can, because I can't think of any.

But anyway. I said in my post a few days ago that I probably shouldn't discuss this until I learn a lot more.


I am very worried/intrigued/apprehensive/hopeful about what President Obama is going to do next. I'm shocked at what he's managed to pass through so quickly and, for the most part, I'm... okay with what he's done.

Closing Guatanamo was probably something that had to be done. And the Global Gag rule, how he repealed the ban on abortion provision and information being taught overseas, might (key word: might) be okay with me as long as they don't present abortion as a simple "getting rid of excess tissue." They need to present abortion as murder, a killing, of an innocent life.

It is my view that abortion should only be necessary if the woman's life is at risk and, even then, a woman should not... rush into an abortion. They should access themselves, the situation, understand what abortion is, before they decide what they are going to do. It should not be used as a "get out of jail free" card, or something akin to that.

And as for doubling our clean energy sources over the next three years?

Can I just say yesyesyes to that?

I know I might not agree with Obama on some things, but I'm feeling kinda hopeful. He can't keep up this pace, but I'm happy with most of the things he's done so far.



My first semester of high school is officially over. I'm sure I passed my finals with flying colors (my final grades go something like 96, 97, 98, 99), but I definitely didn't want my first semester to be over. Mr. P was awesome and, while I didn't enjoy some of my classes, I didn't hate them like I'm sure I will hate gym this semester.

*glares into the distance*

If I could still graduate without gym, I would. But no, I need two gym credits before I can graduate. *grumbles* Which I find stupid, because no one really tries in gym, so it's not as though you get an exercise, and isn't there so many more valuable courses you can take? Like creative writing.

Enough complaining, though. At least having gym means that I have at least one class I won't have any homework in. 


As for books, it is taking me ages to get through Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke. I've been reading it for two weeks now, and I'm just barely halfway through it. It's not even that I don't like it. It is just slow-going, as I had been warned. But I can't help it; I always have to prove people wrong, or try to, at least.

I can't do it this time, but I can't wait until I finish this book, because then I can read my president's two books. And A Companion to Wolves, by Elizabeth Bear ([ profile] matociquala) and Sarah Monette ([ profile] truepenny). I really want to see what all the fuss is about, especially considering their parts in the culture appropriation debate this month.

I am so looking forward to those books, but mostly President Obama's. Has anyone read them? What'd you think?
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I have spent the last few days reading the posts linked here, and I have learned so much about this issue that my brain feels like it will turn to mush any minute now. Personally, as an outsider to this discussion and perhaps not a very welcome addition if I chose to join, I find myself thinking that both sides have points that need to be addressed and discussed. Not by me, I'm not eloquent enough, but by people who understand that there are equal points/merit on both sides.

I'm not taking sides. These issues do need to be addressed and, since I need, primarily, to educate myself on this issue before I take part in any discussions about it, I will remain outside, to read and contemplate and think and ponder the possibilities of joining next time.

(And yeah, my position as a relatively privileged white person gives me the opportunity to do this, I know...)


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